2011 Exhibition

'George' was the name given to one of the eye-catching exhibits in 'Survival!'  He was created to model clothing and equipment that would have been worn by Murray Levick and fellow-explorers on the 1910-13 Terra Nova expedition. These items were kindly lent for the exhibition by Sidmouth-based ex-British Commando and adventurer Dave Pearce.

In April 2011 Fairlynch Museum's exhibition 'Survival!'  marked the centenary of Captain Scott's 'Terra Nova' expedition and had been planned for many years.  Much of the credit for setting up the exhibition was due to ex-Fairlynch Chairman Roger Kingwill. His research for the project was extensive and thorough. 

A principal aim of the exhibition was to highlight the achievements and courage of Surgeon-Commander George Murray Levick (1876-1956), who retired to the Budleigh Salterton area having served as the doctor and zoologist on Scott’s expedition.

To coincide with 'Survival!' a booklet compiled by Fairlynch volunteers Mike and Margaret Wilson entitled 'Surviving the Antarctic Winter in a Snow Cave' went on sale at the Museum (see 'Publications'). The booklet is based on Murray Levick's graphic account of the survival of the Northern Party.

What they said about ‘Survival!’

‘I did enjoy seeing the exhibition.  It was very accessible, clear, and inviting - and used your limited space with great ingenuity.  Please give my congratulations to everyone.  And good luck for a successful summer.’

Meredith Hooper, author of The Longest Winter: Scott's other heroes (2010)

‘A first-class exhibition full of interest.  So good that the life of Murray Levick has been recorded in this way.  Thank you.  [...]   A remarkable man and part of a remarkable survival party - definitely one of the greatest stories of survival in the Antarctic.’

John Killingbeck, ex-FIDS (Falkland Islands Dependencies Survey/British Antarctic Survey) 

‘Exhibition conceiver Roger Kingwill has re-created a fantastic scale model of the ice cave in which Levick and his five companions spent seven uncomfortable months during the winter of 1912.’ 

Rachel Morgan, Director, United Kingdom Antarctic Heritage Trust, May 2011

The ‘Survival!’ exhibition was supported by a grant from the UK Antarctic Heritage Trust: www.ukaht.org/   

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