Natural History

Natural History

The beautiful River Otter meets the sea at the eastern end of Budleigh Salterton’s pebble beach and it is home to a thriving population of beavers, as well as otters and numerous other charismatic species. In the Priscilla Hull Environment Room read about the Beaver Reintroduction Trial – as seen on TV – and learn to recognize the signs of beaver activity on the riverbank.

These distinctive chewed sticks were collected from the banks of the River Otter. There are thought to be at least 20 beavers living in the river within a few miles

of the museum. The beavers are mainly nocturnal but sometimes the young kits are seen feeding with their parents at daybreak or dusk in the late summer.

See the photos of beavers taken by David White on the Lightbox adjacent to the display.

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